With Executive Coaching Puerto Rico Managers Can Improve Their Performance

By Paul Long

Modern markets are frighteningly competitive and only those companies that stay on the edge of developments can hope to thrive. Consumers have more options than ever before and they demand excellent products and services. Companies that can satisfy these demands need to be creative and they need to be acutely aware of the ever changing environment. With executive coaching Puerto Rico companies strive to equip their managers to deal with the demands of consumers.

Lots of studies that focused on the workings of hugely successful companies have shown that they all share one common thing. They all all lead by extraordinary leaders. These leaders are more than managers. They inspire their employees and their clients, they exalt in change and they seem to have endless sources of energy. They are enthusiastic about their companies and instil trust in their own products and services.

Many people think that excellent leaders are born with their leadership abilities. This is not the case. Truly impressive leaders know that they have to master numerous skills. Hey need to learn how to communicate. They need to learn how to deal with conflict and change. They need to critical analysing skills and they need to know how to recognize or even create opportunities. In most cases, they need help to achieve this.

One common reason why companies hire coaches is to help promising leaders to develop and to prepare for bigger roles. The coach can help such clients to steer the potential leaders in the right direction and to teach them the skills and techniques they need in order to grow both personally and professionally. In many cases the role of the coach is to assist senior managers in overcoming the natural lethargy that tends to set in after a long time in the same post.

Many leaders fear that they will be perceived as fickle if they throw around ideas and vocalize seemingly unlikely scenarios in front of their employees. Yet it is important for leaders to brain storm and to look at ideas that may at first seem ridiculous. Some companies therefore appoint coaches to act as soundboards. They allow leaders to explore their minds without the fear of being ridiculed.

In a few cases, coaches have been hired to help managers overcome serious problems. They can help such managers to understand the implications of their sexist attitudes, their prejudices against minority groups, the negative effects of their bully behaviour and the serious consequences of their inability to communicate. In many such cases the manager in question shows tremendous potential but the potential cannot be fulfilled while serious flaws persist.

When considering the services of a coach, care should be taken to make sure that he has ample experience in helping clients to achieve the specific goals that need to be achieved. Many coaches specialize in specific areas and an inexperienced coach will simply be a waste of money and time. Potential coaches should outline their strategies and convince the client that his goals can be attained.

Help from top coaches comes at a high price. However, if the intended goals are achieved, this price is often a fraction of the benefits that can be reaped. Doubters should ask themselves why almost all hugely successful companies regularly employ coaches.

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