Understanding Codestiny Sheryl Sandberg CEO

By Ann Allen

People at some time or other often face the loss of a loved one. It is this experience that helped the expert on Codestiny Sheryl Sandberg find resilience in relation to the sudden and unexpected passing Dave Goldberg, a loving husband and father. Anyone who has experienced this type of loss knows that the experience can be quite overwhelming.

At the time, the businesswoman was destroyed by sadness and grief and uncertain as to how to handle the many emotions and situations resulting from the loss. As a result, Sheryl decided to document the experiences while going through a very difficult process of recovery. The businesswoman now shares that information in a book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy.

One of the main points the author wishes to make is that people are right in that grief can never be replaced. Although, while there continues to be sadness in the absence of a loved one, life can and often does get better over time. The title of the book was born out of an early Facebook post which was written shortly after the loss of Mr. Sandberg.

Based on the ideology of Options A and B, A being one which does not exist, Ms. Sandberg has repeated this as a mantra on a regular basis. After which, along with the advice of a psychologist who explained that people are not born with a specific amount of resilience, the book and title was born. While the book was born out of personal experience, there are also stories of others whom have faced various types of adversity and loss and have found the resilience to overcome.

In conjunction with the book, there is also an online resource named after the book known as OptionB.org, the website offers information, guides, resource materials and an online discussion group for individuals going through adversity, grief and hardship. As a result, many individuals have found support and solidarity by talking with others whom have or are going through similar situations.

As with the first book, the author is donating all proceeds to an organization titled after the book OptionB.org which also host a forum for survivors facing adversity after different types of loss. The OptionB.org website offers advice, resources and a forum where survivors can talk with one another, thus finding solidarity and support in times of need.

In most cases, while experiencing the initial shock of loss, most people feel like nothing will make life better after such loss. Even when others talk about how one has overcome loss in the past, most just can not comprehend or process the idea during this time. For, this stage is only one of several stages an individual goes through when experiencing this type loss.

While this is the case, most people do eventually realize that life can be okay. It is true that the loved one will never be present though the memories associated with the person can often last a lifetime. As such, it is often possible to move through grief by reflecting on these memories while building resilience to grief over time.

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