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By Michael Lee

In life, there are many uncertainties and important decisions person needs to make. This relates to having a strong will and having a clear goal for what they want in life. Despite how mentally prepared a person may be, they might come across a few trying challenge they find difficult to surpass. In order for them to push through this barrier to their success, they often enlist the help of professionals to aid them.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous professions centering on offering help to confused individuals. When looking through the right resources, one can find many coaches, therapists, and even health care specialists. In relation to this, stated below are some engrossing facts on Brittney Reese Life Coach.

Brittney is most known for her status as a multiple award winning Olympic medalists, having amassed seven awards and counting. She is most notably recognizable with her participation in various competitions that focus on long jumping. Since the start of her career, she has been setting up new records and gaining the attention of fans and various sponsors all over the world.

Nevertheless, there is more to this woman than meets the eye. She was born to her parents on the ninth of September in nineteen sixty three in their hometown in Inglewood, California. Even as a high school student, she was already participating in numerous competitions across the world, including one that garnered her praise for becoming the state champion.

While being a remarkable athlete, she has often spoken out about feeling thankful for the support and love her friends, family, and community gave her since she started her career. She was able to show this by organizing a charity event during Christmas and donated over a hundred turkeys to various homeless and religious organizations for homeless people. She felt that she owed a lot the people who supported her in times of need and when she doubted herself the most.

Furthermore, she has also sponsored a number of budding athletes through the Reese Scholarship. The funding was offered in various Baltimore based public schools. The candidate was awarded full financial support and one on one coaching with the athlete. It was awarded to a young promising student who might succeed later in life by garnering a career in sports.

Way back in two thousand eleven, she participated in an outdoor long jumping competition in Eugene, Oregon. This was the first one she ever joined and she set records for having the longest jump out of all the contestants. In the end, she won fifth place, which is not bad for a first time contestant.

Fast forward two years later, she participated in more matches across the world. Her latest achievement was winning the world championship title. The match was held in Russia, where she was later asked to join the World Express Sports Management and was represented by them for the remainder of her career.

It comes as no surprise that a woman such as this would consider a career in life coaching. Not only is there a larger possibility for helping others and broadening her philanthropic efforts, it also gives a chance to give back to society. As such, many young athletes are signing up to be part of her list of clients.

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