Ways In Dealing With A Breakup That Can Help You Move On

By Jose Stone

Being in a romantic relationship with another person is a feeling that is hard to explain because of the mixture of emotions possible. You would not only think now about just yourself but also about them when you make important decisions. Because doing so will not affect only you but also them either directly or indirectly.

But these relationships sometimes end due to various reasons no matter how good or bad the experience was. This is why several people need help for dealing with a breakup due to all their negative thoughts and feelings. The length of their togetherness is not relevant to how greatly affected a person could be with it.

You should first express what you have been feeling after it happened by writing about it or talking to someone you trust. Suppressing the emotions like sadness, anger, rejection, disappointment and loneliness is natural for most people but this will not help you to get over them. Expressing them will let you realize the reasons for it not working and being with them is not better.

Individuals that experienced this usually over eats and make the food a coping mechanism of their problem or over controlling their intake instead. Doing this with no idea in the proper way of doing them properly is not healthy. Be sure to balance your diet and eat nutritious food and not the junk ones.

Start doing exercise if you have not done so before the breakup because being active can lower the levels of your stress. This also improves cognitive function as well as boost your mood plus providing a good distraction from unpleasant things. But be careful of doing it to prevent it in becoming a compulsive behavior or punishment.

Remind yourself of all the good things you have experienced in life because they might get overwhelmed by the negative experiences like this one. Your judgment may be clouded by this painful breakup and you could be focusing only on negative ones. List the things instead which made you grateful to shift your focus with positive events.

Do the things that you love to do even before this painful event has happened even though getting excited about these things is difficult. Force yourself in doing the those activities which can make you feel good such as having a massage or coffee with a friend. Watching comedy shows and movies also helps because laughter could boost mood.

Try to perform an obsession diet which you can write, obsess or indulge in self pity all you want but within a limited time only. Start with five minutes an hour and stop immediately after the time runs out and start again after an hour while reducing the time limit every day. You will then realize that your thoughts could be controlled with this exercise.

Perform acts of kindness to others because this could help in improving your well being and helps to relieve depression. Giving back is the powerful way to rechannel your love that may have nowhere to go because it was for the previous relationship. Helping others will empower you and would open your heart too.

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