Tax Representation- What Is It And Why Should I Seek It?

By Mary Burns

Paying levies is a legal requirement from which there is no escaping for ordinary citizens. There are times when the soaring prices make it impossible to pay levies on time. Accumulation of levy debts is considered a levy crime. However, if there are severe reasons that disabled you from paying the government, you can approach an enrolled agent for tax representation in dealing with the situation.

A levy attorney, sometimes called a levy debt lawyer, is skilled in legal matters that deal with taxes. If you're going through the courts to handle a levy matter, this is your primary option. Levy lawyers are top draw for handling large estates, arbitration, legal investigations, and other such matters. Some forms of appeals or criminal investigations can only be handled by levy debt attorneys.

Find a Reputable Service provider. There are many law services available in the market. If you are looking to get out of the grim situation quickly and smoothly, spend time going through various levy representation services online to find a professional one. It is essential that the firm you choose is highly qualified and experienced in the field. Look for client testimonials as these often give unbiased feedback on the company. It is best to search for testimonials on a different forum than on the service website. This is because the firm will post only positive comments regarding their solutions.

Deductions; if this is your first complex levy return, or you have greatly increased the amount of deductions you have, levy agency may be the best route to go to ensure you get your full entitlement. Many people have fairly straightforward levy returns with few deductions, exemptions, and other complexities.

However, as you move up in your career or even open your own business, you may notice these are becoming increasingly complicated. Making a mistake can also cost you a substantial portion of a refund, or worse-an audit. Enrolled agents help you avoid some mistakes that could otherwise cost you a fortune.

Representation is also critical in International dealings and transactions. Have money in foreign banks or work overseas extensively? Maybe you own multiple properties or assets in different countries? When you start dealing with foreign issues you need qualified levy professionals on your side. Your income and assets may be taxable in several different areas and you could get slammed for paying quite a bit if you aren't cautious. Choose an attorney who has international experience and understands other country's laws and regulations from the inside out.

CPAs and attorneys are qualified by the IRS by their designations. They don't have to take an exam. Beyond the exam CPAs take for their license or the bar exam any attorney takes, there is nothing further they are tested on that relates directly to IRS representation. The enrolled agent exam deals quite a bit with this. Greater focus on levy return errors made by un-enrolled preparers has sparked a new interest in licensed preparers.

Enrolled agents must also complete continuing education requirements like CPAs, allowing them to stay current on changing IRS rules. Since Enrolled Agents work with levy resolution day-to-day, they often provide services with up front quotes or even fixed fees.

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