Preparing For Illinois Womens Spiritual Retreats

By Peter Fox

A retreat requires restraints. It demands mental intensity, physical rigors, silence and a lot of discipline. This can only happen when you prepare physically and spiritually. Organizers of Illinois womens spiritual retreats have given tips that will enable you reap maximum benefits from the recollections. Whether you are going for one today or will attend later, it is your level of preparation that determines how successful a retreat becomes.

Pay attention to all directions given by organizers. They indicate the timing, what you should bring along, the schedules of each day, people you expect to interact with, activities to engage in, among other elements. The instructions should not catch you as a surprise when you get to the venue. The timetable also allows you to participate in all sessions by not missing any because you are unaware.

Handover any issue that needs your attention. The idea is to ensure that you are free by the time you get to the retreat center. This includes assigning duties to juniors, informing your spouse, alerting friends and family members, etc. Seek permission if you are employed and request not to be bothered. This leaves you with peace of mind to meditate and go through the sessions with a settled mind. If you own pets or have children who need care, leave them in hands you can trust.

Align your expectations with what is happening at the retreat. Recollections differ based on the organizers and the target group. The demands for young women are different from those of older ones. Check the speakers and leaders who will take charge of sessions. Knowledge of facilitators helps you to prepare your mind and heart other than face disappointments.

All baggage should be left behind. This includes phones, laptops, books and such accessories that do not add value to your recollection. Family members and friends should be provided with contact details of organizers to get to you in case an emergency arises. When you free your mind, it will be easier to recollect and enhance your spiritual life.

Go with an open mind. It is normal to read about the recollection, the organizers, facilitators, etc. However, this leaves you with expectations that might not be met. It could also cause you to miss on the surprise of reflections that you were not prepared about. The erroneous misconceptions that you form are a recipe for disappointment. Be ready for an experience that you have never imagined and you will be surprised at what comes your way.

Prepare holistically for the retreat. This calls for moral, physical and spiritual preparation. Your actions, speech, body, etc should be ready for the recollection. Control the days before by finding inner peace. Slow down in your words and actions and try to imitate the days you will be recollecting. Practice contentment by reducing controllable desires like phones, tasty foods, television, etc. The mind and body begin to adapt to the mood of recollection.

The body needs attention because it will be engaged despite the spiritual nature of the recollection. This means eating a balanced diet, taking enough water and exercising. When the body is in good shape, it is possible for it to concentrate for a long period and thus achieve a successful recollection session.

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