How To Learn The Way Of The Shamanic Practitioner

By Karen Miller

When it comes to spirituality, there are a number of different ideologies and religious beliefs. In addition, there are also a number of spiritual paths. One in particular, which is often lesser known though quite popular with followers is that of the Shamanic Practitioner. While there are many who do not believe in Shamanism, there are far many more who practice whether individually or as part of a circle group.

As a Shaman can either be a student or teacher, or both, there are many different methods in which an individual can practice. For example, one can practice as a guide or teacher, or one can practice as a follower or student. Whatever the case, most have reported having spiritual experiences that rival that of saints, prophets and drug users through the use of drumming and journeying which are both aspects of the practice.

While the practice is an alternative, it is often considered to be part of the occult. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For, Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual paths and practices known to man. In fact, it is one of the most ancient spiritual paths and practices known to exist.

One such foundation is that of the The Foundation For Shamanic Studies which is a non-profit and charitable organization tied in with the public school system. The organization is dedicated to the teaching, study and preservation of Shaman spirituality through studies to help aid in the welfare of people and the planet.

The organizational website offers a great deal of information on the practice. In addition, there are several workshops offered which focus on different areas of life. Whether becoming more creative, or better understanding death and beyond, these workshops are often useful in helping overcome a number of obstacles in life.

The foundation offers a variety workshops based in the Shamanic tradition. Some of these are focused on creativity while others are focused on everything from soul extraction healing to death and beyond. As such, there is basically something for everyone when it comes to the plethora of workshops offered by the organization. While there are also individuals offering classes in this tradition, it is often advised that interested parties do a background check before working one-on-one with anyone portraying oneself as a teacher in this tradition.

When it comes to news, articles and research, the foundation has a great deal of information available through a link on the organizational website. Individuals can also join the circle or renew membership on the site. Once having joined the circle, individuals receive a free MP3 download of spiritual gurus Ram Dass and Michael Harner with a dialogue and discussion related to the path. For those who join, there are also group podcasts and website offerings offered a few times of year in which only members can participate.

While the discussions are often shorter than most, the MP3 which accompanies all membership levels contains a great deal of insight from two well known Shamans, Ram Dass and Michael Harner about the spiritual path and practice. Each of which have completed work as students and teachers in the tradition. While both now work on a regular basis to teach others the art and way of the shamanic tradition, each have also written a number of books and articles related to personal experiences.

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