Online Tarot Cards, Readings And Scams

By Sharon Wilson

When it comes to psychics and psychic readings, there are a plethora of different styles. One can obtain an online tarot card reading, a telephone reading, or visit a psychic or tarot card reader at a number of locations. When doing so, it is important to note that there are a great deal of individual psychics as well as businesses offering this service.

Scams can often be easier to identify by knowing what behaviors to look for when perusing online websites of psychic companies or individual websites. For example, there are generally warning signs which can range from asking a number of personal questions to offering other services for a fee. Most often, these services are in relation to a possession or curse which the reader may inquire about releasing for additional monies or fees.

Most often, free readings are offered as a method to get individuals to look at a website where other materials are offered for sale. While not necessarily a scam, individuals need keep in mind that these readings are often generated by computer program rather than an individual. In fact, there are actually very few sites which can offer a personalized reading on the spot.

Issues such as curses or possessions often require a spiritual professional such as a priest or spiritualist. In most cases, only these professionals trained in the specificity of getting rid of negative energies can provide the rituals and tools necessary to do so. As such, it is often best to explain to the reader that one will be in contact with a professional regarding same should this come up in a reading.

As many scammers use fear to draw in vulnerable individuals, it is important when and where possible to obtain a personal reference in relation to a reader. Also, keep in mind, especially if a first visit, that the client is the one whom should be asking the questions and not the reader. For, otherwise, the individual could just be garnering personal information to use in a scam at a later date.

Also, if having been scammed, it is important to notify the authorities of same. For, until the psychic arts scene can identify and have these individuals removed from the scene, there will always be issues with scammers. It is also important to note that there are far many more honest hard working people involved in the psychic arts who have a strong sense of intuition and psychic abilities than scammers.

To avoid being scammed, always watch for people fishing for personal information, a true psychic can sense the energy of a client. If someone continually asks questions rather than providing a card layout, and a reading, it is generally a scam. Remember the client asks the questions, not the reader, the reader is there to provide answers. Other signs are cold-calling, calling clients at home without invitation, or email invites to contact a website for information within a specified number of days or something bad will happen.

Ultimately, one of the best way to steer clear of scams is to ask a friend or relative who has been to a reader for a reference. Whereas, festivals are probably the next most likely place to get a serious reading. For, generally when an individual gains employment at such an event one has to go through a vetting process with regards to reading for organizers. As such, the reader has at least proven oneself as intuitive and psychic during the hiring process.

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