What Do You Understand By Geopathic Stress

By Donald Burns

When you are stressed out, you are likely to blame external situations or the behavior of other people for your condition. You might even assume it is your spouse or children for that matter and other factors such as work, your boss or friends, as long as there is someone to put the blame on. You could even consider the holiday you have not taken in almost a year and believe it is rest that you desperately require. Whatever the excuse you decide on, the probability is that you have an important factor that is right under your nose: Geopathic Stress.

What is earth stresses? Earth stresses is caused by subterranean running water, underground plateaus or fault lines which distort the natural vibrations of the earth. These distortions cause harm to living organisms. If you are regularly suffering from colds, insomnia, and a general feeling of irritability, feeling you have more problems then most people for no obvious reason, you are likely to be either sleeping or working in a earthly stressed place.

If you sleep above this zone, you will notice that you might be suffering from lack of enough sleep which is insomnia, you might wake up very irritable and tired. Earth stresses may not always be known, but effects are very much felt where the harmful earth rays are. Some houses will always be found to be gloomy with an atmosphere that you just cannot figure out and, this is sometimes called negative energy.

The largest number of armed conflicts in Eurasia is confined to the largest earth stresses area that stretches from the Pyrenees through the Alps, the Caucasus, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Cambodia, Tibet, and Vietnam. These areas are soaked in blood and tears, and covered with burned towns and villages. The range of this horrific zone is 6000 miles (9500 km) long, and 150 miles (250 km) wide.

Scary as this sounds, there are fortunately tools available to deal with the effects of earth stresses and eliminate it. Early recognition is key. A good place to start is by keeping your body's vibrational energy as high as possible. How can you do this? Be vigilant of the early signs of stresses. Notice if you are feeling more stressed out in certain places. Don't let your problems get out of hand. Instead, nip them in the bud. You can do this simply by learning an energy technique which helps to re-align the vibrational energy in your system.

Couples who cannot conceive will also fall under the same problem. Others include allergies, cases of miscarriages, cot deaths, and the list goes on. There are details of how the zones were discovered and who was responsible for the discovery, and the internet will have these resources and more so that you can have a deeper insight into this rare or hidden form of stresses.

Mind focus together with the action of physical tapping is a very fast way to change your vibrational energy almost instantaneously. As you feel your energy increasing, you dissolve any resistance to changing your mind state. You now move effortlessly into problem-solving mode. You continue tapping and focusing on the issue you wish to resolve.

By tuning into the vibrational frequency of your emotional state, you can change it quickly thus releasing the unwanted emotion and creating the space for positive thoughts and feelings to enter. As a result, your emotional state can be changed in a matter of minutes rather than days or months. You can learn it easily and get fast results wherever you are.

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