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By Deborah Myers

People have always been believers. It is good to believe in something. Religion did not start yesterday. It has existed for millennia. People have always believed in a Higher Being. Actually, most people are monotheistic. There are three major monotheistic religions in the world. They are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Christianity and Judaism have a close connection. At the heart of Christianity is a Christian church Wichita KS. This is a holy place of worship that is usually respected by people from different walks of life. The church is also present in the hearts of people.

Attending service is the best thing that a believer can do. It is not enough to worship at home. Holding personal prayer at home is a great thing. However, that is not the only thing that a person should do. It is also good to pray and worship in the midst of other believers. There is real power in numbers.

There are many parts of a service. There is a section that will involve giving testimonies. One should always testify about the great things that have happened in his life. The prayer section is an important one. Everyone should be involved in praying. The Biblical message will be given by the pastor. One must attentively listen to the message.

Christianity is all about the Bible. Without this Holy Book, there could never have been Christianity. According to the Bible, heaven and earth were created thousands of years ago. There is the old covenant and there is the new covenant that starts with the New Testament. The prophesies in the Bible always come true. No Biblical word can go unfulfilled.

A congregation of believers needs to have a spiritual leader. There must be sheep and the shepherd. The role of the shepherd is to make sure that the sheep are not eaten by ravenous wolves. A pastor will offer a sense of direction to a body of believers. He will constantly deliver the good Biblical messages.

The biggest Christian denomination is Catholicism. The headquarters of this denomination is Vatican City, which is a jurisdiction in Italy. Catholicism is headed by a pope who is elected in a special event. Below the pope are a number of archbishops. Catholicism has many branches in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. This body of faith has existed for many centuries.

The Protestant denomination is the second biggest Christian denomination. Many countries are protestant countries. In most countries, Protestantism exists side by side with Catholicism. These denominations do not conflict each other. Instead, they complement each other. That is because they are all based on the Holy Bible. There are many different Protestant churches but the message is one; the message of holiness.

Many people in the world believe in Christianity. In most western nations, a huge percentage of the population is made up of followers of Christianity. A true follower of this religion will be a very moral person. A person who follows the Ten Commandments of the Bible will not be involved in crime. The greatest commandment is love. One should always love his neighbor.

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